Professional Asbestos Training

If asbestos has been identified or is presumed to be in a building, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees who may encounter these materials receive asbestos training in accordance with applicable regulations. BDN offers asbestos training of every level, so you and your employees can receive the necessary certifications to continue working.  Courses slated by client request only until further notice.

2-Hour Asbestos Awareness

2-Hour Asbestos Awareness or Class IV Worker training is required for persons performing Class IV work. Class IV work is defined as maintenance and custodial activities during which employees contact but do not disturb ACM or PACM and activities undertaken to clean up dust, waste and debris resulting from Class I, II or III activities. Training elements are consistent with requirements for local education maintenance and custodial staff as listed in 40 CFR 763.92 (a)(1). It includes information concerning locations of ACM and PACM and instruction in the recognition of damage, deterioration, and delamination of asbestos containing building materials.

Lead awareness can be added to this training as requested by client.

4-Hour Management Planner Refresher

16-Hour Initial Operations & Maintenance (Class III Worker)

Our 16-Hour Initial Operations & Maintenance or Class III Worker training is required for persons performing work where the repair and maintenance of ACM, including TSI and surfacing ACM, and PACM may be disturbed, but does not require critical barriers or negative pressure enclosures under 29 CFR 1926.1101. Employees who perform work on heating systems, electrical systems, plumbing, and in other areas where ACBM are present should receive this training. Elements include those required for training of local education and maintenance and custodial staff as set forth in 40 CFR 763.92(a)(2), and in addition, the specific work practices and controls listed in 1926.1101(g) which specifically relate to the activity.

24-Hour Initial Inspector

24-Hour Asbestos Building Inspector Initial training is required for persons seeking state accreditation as an asbestos building inspector. The course covers basic asbestos information, the role of an inspector, legal liabilities, building systems, public and building occupant notification, inspection techniques and procedures, bulk sampling and documentation, respiratory protection, record-keeping and a regulatory review. It is a three-day class and includes hands-on training as well as a field trip to perform a mock inspection. The student is required to pass a 50-question multiple choice exam with at least a 70%. All materials are provided.

4-Hour Inspector Refresher

40-Hour Contractor/Supervisor Initial

40-Hour Contractor/Supervisor Initial or Competent Person training is required for person(s) designated to supervise Class I and Class II asbestos abatement work. The course meets all the requirements of the EPA’s Model Accreditation Plan in 40 CFR 763 sub-part E, appendix C. Topics covered include historic uses of asbestos, health effects, state and federal regulations, respiratory protection, constructing negative pressure containments, methods of control, glove bag techniques, as well as other required topics. The class is 40 hours in length and includes at least 14 hours of hands-on training. The student is required to pass a 100-question multiple choice exam with at least a 70% rating. All materials are provided.

8-Hour Contractor/Supervisor Refresher

8-Hour Project Designer/Refresher

This 8-Hour Asbestos Project Designer Refresher training is required for persons seeking state re-accreditation as an asbestos abatement project designer. The course provides instruction in safety system design specifications such as containment enclosures, decontamination systems, warning signs, entry and exit procedures, and negative pressure exhaust ventilation. It covers contract preparation and legal liabilities and is a three-day class. BDN does not currently provide the initial Project Designer training but does provide annual refresher training.

Task Specific Class II Work

Task Specific Class Work – training required for persons performing removal of non-friable or in-tack materials such as roofing, flooring, gasket material, siding, or transite panels. The training includes work practices and engineering controls listed in 29CFR 1926.1101(g) which specifically relate to the category being removed. It requires a minimum of eight hours and additional time for each material. Course includes lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training.

Courses slated by client request only until further notice

PLEASE NOTE: All asbestos initial classes require annual refresher training. The refresher course shall review and discuss changes in federal, state, and local regulations, developments in state-of-the-art procedures, and a review of key aspects of the initial training course as determined by the State. After completing the annual refresher course, persons shall have their accreditation extended for an additional year from the date of the refresher course. The EPA recommends that States formally establish a 12-month grace period to enable formerly accredited persons with expired certificates to complete refresher training and have their accreditation status reinstated without having to re-take the initial training course.

REFUND POLICY: BDN reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses. In the event BDN finds it necessary to cancel a course, full refunds will be made if the student is unable to reschedule.