Fast and Efficient Asbestos Testing

Not identifying asbestos before your project begins can cause delays, additional costs, and potential exposure to asbestos. We care about helping provide an asbestos-free workplace for all businesses, and our services are aimed at achieving that goal or helping you to manage asbestos in place. Whatever services you need related to asbestos, BDN has the solutions to keep your workplace safe.

Under the Asbestos Construction Standard, building owners are required to confirm or rule out the presence of asbestos prior to starting renovation or demolition activities. When entering a project, BDN reviews any pre-existing facility-related information. We research information including removal documentation, sample analysis, homogeneous material locations, and any existing drawings. Our inspection services for asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) are performed by our accredited inspectors in compliance with EPA and state regulations. Let us help you to determine the type of inspection you need.

Once the pre-existing information for a building is reviewed and the inspection is complete, an asbestos management plan can be generated.  The plan includes inspection protocol, sample results, homogeneous materials with locations, material assessments, response actions, maps indicating the layout of the facility, and budgetary estimates for removal. AHERA requires all school buildings to have a management plan in place.

Using the results from the Asbestos Inspection report, a project specification is developed for the removal of the materials identified to contain asbestos within the designated work areas. Having project specifications written for asbestos removal projects ensures that the work is done properly, liability is reduced, and removal contractors understand the criteria for removal.

Asbestos Abatement Specifications are required for school work under AHERA. There are many aspects to managing an asbestos abatement project and BDN can assist you every step of the way. As your project management team, we will:

  • Give presentations to board members or concerned staff
  • Preside over pre-construction meetings
  • Review contractor submissions
  • Review regulatory notifications
  • Communicate with state and federal regulatory personnel
  • Coordinate communication with contractors & building owner
  • Review and approve contractor requests for payment
  • Visually inspect work areas and give clearance certification
  • Document waste material disposal at appropriate landfills

During the asbestos abatement process, we will conduct exposure monitoring. This includes background, area, personal, and clearance air sampling using phase contrast microscopy (PCM) and/or transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis. Recorded results are referenced against applicable regulations to determine if changes in work procedures are necessary to bring airborne concentrations within acceptable limits. Results are submitted to the building owner or designated representative daily.

BDN offers asbestos training to all who wish to learn how to identify and avoid potential hazards in the workplace. To see our courses and descriptions, click here.