Test Your Indoor Air Quality

When working on a new project, or assessing your current workplace, it’s important to note how good your indoor air quality is. Work environments having bad odors or stagnant air may not pose serious health effects, however, these environments may reduce an employee’s sense of well-being which may affect their performance. If you are unsure about whether poor indoor air quality is having an effect in any way on your employees, it’s better to get it checked in case the reason for it ends up being more serious than originally anticipated.

Indoor Air Quality problems fall into three categories

  • Comfort
  • Acute Health Effects
  • Chronic Health Effects

IAQ Services

A key industrial hygiene concern is excessive employee exposure to chemical stresses (toxic gases, dusts, fumes, mists and vapors) arising in the workplace. Acute health effects resulting from excessive exposure include burning eyes, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, sneezing and coughing. BDN’s industrial hygienists are trained in conducting indoor air quality investigations to determine the cause of IAQ complaints.

Our IAQ services include:

  • IAQ complaint investigations
  • Written IAQ compliance programs
  • IAQ monitoring
  • Visual examinations of HVAC systems
  • Air monitoring for the determination of bioaerosols (bacteria, fungi/mold, allergens)

Addressing indoor air quality concerns opens the door for improved communication and trust between employers and employees. BDN can monitor and document concentrations of airborne contaminants, provide recommendations for response actions when necessary and give presentations of investigation findings to management and employees. When BDN helps you with air quality testing, you know your business will follow applicable IAQ regulations.