Dependable Asbestos Training Lowers Workplace Risks

For any companies that have positions for individuals whom may encounter hazardous materials, asbestos training with BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants can give them the know-how they need to minimize the risk posed to them. Through different training sessions available to interested businesses as well as knowledgeable staff who specialize in the field of hazardous materials, BDN keeps workplaces safe.

What are the effects?

Like most hazardous materials, there is no definitive sign that someone has had an unhealthy amount of exposure to asbestos, however, there are common symptoms that may show up that need to be looked out for. These can include, but aren’t limited to: shortness of breath, a worsening cough, blood coughed up from the lungs, pain in the chest, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the neck or face, weight loss, fatigue, or even weight loss. Many of these symptoms relate to the lungs because asbestos is breathed in through small fibers of a larger piece that has been broken apart and exposed to breathable air.

What can you do?

Thankfully, employees and owners of businesses alike have tools at their disposal, should they think there is a potential risk of asbestos. Thanks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), regulations are in place to protect individuals from harmful asbestos exposure. And, with the help of BDN, employees can receive mandatory asbestos training to ensure they have the awareness they need to recognize potential problem areas where asbestos could be a threat or recognize symptoms of asbestos exposure early on and address the issue correctly.

By providing informative and thorough asbestos training, BDN teaches business owners and workers what to look for in a new construction or existing building that could be in the realm of harmful. With 35 years of experience, BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants have the know-how to teach you how to make your workplace safer.