Trust in an Asbestos Testing Company to Protect Workers

Going headfirst into a building project without first consulting an asbestos testing company can be detrimental to your work timeline. Causing delays and potentially exposing individuals to asbestos are both outcomes that no one wants to deal with in a building project, and BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants are here to make sure neither of those scenarios happens With our professional team of inspectors as well as a testing lab, BDN makes sure every project is done right and done safely.

Building by standards

When building owners want to deal with construction for their space, the Asbestos Construction Standard requires them to confirm or rule out the presence of asbestos before they can get to work with their project. We at BDN can review any information about your facility that is documented, finding out the situation in regards to asbestos and your building as well as research your buildings materials through sample analysis, and more. The thorough inspection we provide ensures that your projects go through the necessary steps before starting so that you can work through it without worry, protecting workers who are involved by ensuring their safety.

Complete analysis

When you work with BDN, you know for sure that your project is ready to proceed safely for workers when you get results from our material testing asbestos laboratory. Local and equipped with the tools to thoroughly test any sample we take from your site, our asbestos laboratory gives you the information you need to proceed in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in being the best asbestos testing company in our area, and want you to trust in our building materials analysis for your future projects.

Promoting workplace safety by providing consultation and testing, BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants will help to make sure your project isn’t hindered by the presence of asbestos. Contact us today to schedule with us and get moving with your next project!