Stay on Top of Asbestos Inspection in the New Year

It’s easy to get into the flow of a new fiscal year and focus solely on your company’s work, but safety always needs to be taken into consideration, especially if it’s been a long time since your last asbestos inspection.

Why inspect?

Outside of legal requirements, you may be wondering, “why should I have asbestos inspection done in my workplace?” The truth is, unmanaged asbestos can really increase costs on you and your business. If you’re starting a new building project, not identifying and containing asbestos can cause delays to your timeline, pushing back progress and accumulating costs. Potential exposure to asbestos in an existing workplace has dangerous implications for you and your employees, leading to potential health hazards and financial disputes. By hiring a professional inspection consultant like BDN, you’ll save yourself time and money by ensuring your workplace is a safe place.

Prepared workplaces

Not sure if you need asbestos inspection or not? BDN Industrial Hygienists have options that can help you determine that need. We have the capabilities to offer consulting at your workplace for asbestos inspection, or, if you’d rather, offer training to employees that helps them learn how to identify and avoid potential hazards. By giving training, you can make sure your employees know what to look for and save you on potential exposure costs. We offer a regular schedule of these courses that can be found on our training calendar.