Keep Safety a Priority through Lead Risk Assessment in Kalamazoo

When an old business site gets refurbished to make way for a future business endeavor, it’s important to know of any potential health hazards, and one way you can encourage safety is through effective lead risk assessment in Kalamazoo with BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants. Older buildings have a chance of containing hazardous materials, depending on when they were built, but the team at BDN can be your resource to ensure that these materials are found and consult you on how to proceed.

Checking all areas

When moving into an older building, it’s important that all different areas of it are checked for lead. When you bring in BDN for a lead risk assessment in Kalamazoo, we’ll make sure that there is no exposure from any paint, leaded gasoline, industrial releases, soil, drinking water, and more. Because of lead being a health hazard even when it is reduced to even fumes, it’s important that areas that are intended to become work areas in the future are cleared of this hazardous material before anyone has extended exposure to the area. Our team has years of experience doing workplace assessments and can ensure that your possible problem areas are either cleared or confirmed of lead so that further steps may be taken to creating a safe work environment.

Thorough lead risk assessment

Using the latest technologies to monitor your space for lead, the team at BDN checks airborne concentrations of lead using low volume air monitoring equipment. Because it is an “unseen” source of lead, airborne exposure can be easier for the average person to miss, meaning it’s extra important to have found through effective lead risk assessment. Using this equipment, we determine personal breathing zone exposures and whether or not they exceed permissible limits. Through BDN’s monitoring, you can know for certain whether further steps need to be taken to control exposure.

As a health and consulting company with years of experience finding health hazards of all kinds, BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants are your dependable resource for lead risk assessment in Kalamazoo. From inspections to training for employees to recognize hazardous materials, you can schedule some of our services today!