Keep Peace of Mind with a Safety Training Company

With all the recent concerns over COVID-19, this time serves as a good reminder that you can take workplace safety seriously by bringing in a trusted safety training company. Focused on ensuring you and all your workers are capable of doing your job without interruption from hazardous materials or hazardous exposure, BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants can give your business the training it needs to have the knowledge to best stay safe.

Asbestos training

Whether identified or thought to be within your area of work, asbestos is a hazardous material that employees need to be trained on recognizing and taking effective action on. As professional trainers on hazardous topics, BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants can provide your workers with all the certifications they need for their individual position. From trainings for basic awareness to training for contractors or supervisors who need certifications in asbestos training, BDN is the safety training company you can trust to get your workers the knowledge they need to help work places stay safer.

Hazard waste and response

BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants also offer HAZWOPER training as required by OSHA to provide the training needed for certification. With regular training and refresher courses offered, any supervisor or worker can get the initial training and refresher they need to stay informed and knowledgeable about hazardous waste operations and the responses involved. If you’re unsure as to exactly which training workers might need in their daily operations, BDN can help you find out and provide the appropriate training.

Regular training

Providing training sessions that occur monthly, your business can either catch one of our regular scheduled trainings or you can have us come to you! Either way, your business will get the professional training presentation with all the necessary information to train you and your employees to ensure everyone can get the proper certifications after each session.

Helping companies deal with asbestos inspections, indoor air quality, workplace safety trainings, and more, BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants provide all the hazardous materials and worker safety services you can count on. Contact us today to see when we can schedule with you!